Heyo! I'm Natan.

Technical / Game Mechanics and Systems Designer. Currently working at Build A Rocket Boy as an Associate Gameplay Scripter!

About me...

I'm an avid gamer and an aspiring Technical/Game Mechanics and Systems Designer (I just love making things run, drive, shoot and interact with each other).

I'm currently studying BA(Hons) in Games Design & Production at Abertay University, Dundee.

During my time here, I have been learning how to design, iteratively implement and balance mechanics. I have worked on a number of projects both individually as well as part of a team, where I could challenge and expand these skills.

I was initially introduced to the medium of games with titles such as Unreal Tournament 2004 or Star Trek Armada 2. I adore all things Sci-Fi, Fantasy or any other similar genre - I'm particularly fond of the worlds of Star Trek and Star Wars. Over time I sparked an immense interest in game development, and have ever since diverted my focus into chasing a career in the industry.

Aside from designing and making games in my spare time, I love to travel, explore nature aswell as partake in other hobbies such as fitness/weightlifting and motorsports. I try to intertwine and capture these moments through my photography which I'm also trying to expand upon and improve.

I'm open-minded, and enjoy trying out new things to expand my knowledge, skills and understanding - I also strongly believe it's essential to share that knowledge with others. As a result, I have run programming clubs for younger high school students using visual scripting languages!

Explore my work...

Game Design


Get in touch...

Email: nawako@o2.pl

LinkedIn: Natan Walentin-Konieczny

Discord: nawako#6258